Changing the Narrative

Our Mission

Lady Vet is on a mission to raise the voice and visibility of women Veterans. It’s a simple task, but not a small one.

Despite recent progress, women Veterans are often mislabeled, overlooked, and even dismissed—by men and women alike. Asking for greater visibility is not arrogant or attention-seeking. Some of the challenges women face during and after service are unique and not always adequately addressed. And that won’t change until we can see women in service for who they are: a significant, valuable element of the Military and Veteran populations that grows larger every year.

Whether you wear something from the Lady Vet Shop or share your story on the Lady Vet platform, you can help us change the narrative. It doesn’t matter if you are 23 or 93, we want to change public perspective and show society that Veterans Look Like You.

"Women don't ask to be equal, we already are equal. Women simply want others to acknowledge that equality."

-Fleet Master Chief JoAnn Ortloff, US Navy Retired

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