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A Women Veterans Day

They have a day for that, he said …

 it’s in November and it’s called Veterans Day,

But he never served

We don’t distinguish between male and female here, he said …

 if you served you’re a veteran,

But he only saw women in office and medical jobs when he was in uniform

She puts on her veteran hat to go shopping with her veteran spouse and they are stopped by a random stranger …

 her partner is thanked for his service while she is ignored,

But she is supposed to ‘soldier on’

She parks in a spot designated for veterans …

 with a lift on the back of the car that clearly says “VETERAN,”

But she is told she shouldn’t park there unless her spouse is actually in the car

She goes to the club for a service meeting …

 and is approached by the district president of the auxiliary,

Because in a Veteran Service Organization, if you’re a woman you must be a spouse

She goes to the VA to check in for an appointment …

 and the person at the desk never looks up, as they say “How can I help you, Sir?”

Because if you’re there for treatment, you must be a man

She goes to Arlington for an event at the Military Women’s Memorial

 and sees a sign in the bathroom stall stating that,

Unlike all the other memorials, it isn’t part of the National Parks Service and is funded by donations

She periodically wonders why she ever put a uniform on …

 to defend the Constitution or the United States,

Against all enemies, foreign and domestic

She tries to remember why she raised her hand …

 swore an oath and signed a blank check to the country,

To include giving her life, if necessary

Then it happens, it FINALLY happens …

 while being interviewed for the historical archives at the MWM,

The man on the other side of the camera says “your story matters”

By Terri L. Souder, US Army Veteran

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