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A blue-tinted photo of military women in uniform standing in formation

Nonprofit Spotlight: Service Women’s Action Network

Women service members and Veterans have benefited from many different support programs. But the vast majority of them are still built to meet the needs of men. SWAN is committed to changing that. There are currently 40,000+ non-profits serving the needs of Veterans. Yet SWAN is the only one advocating for women Veterans and servicewomen of every branch, rank, and era of service.

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The Military Women's Memorial in Arlington, VA

Nonprofit Spotlight: The Military Women’s Memorial

The Military Women’s Memorial is the only national memorial that documents and celebrates the vital and long-overlooked contributions of women in our nation’s military history. This Women’s History Month, you can help Lady Vet support the Military Women’s Memorial mission to honor all women, past and present, who serve our nation. During the month of March, a portion of all purchases made in the Lady Vet Shop will be donated directly to the Military Women’s Memorial.

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Mosaic image of women Veterans

Veterans Look Like You

Any woman who’s ever served her country knows what it feels like when other people assume that couldn’t possibly be you. The complete look of surprise, the automatic glossing over, even the occasional angry assumption that you don’t belong. The subtle (or sometimes blatant) distrust that spurs people to challenge women on their Veteran status, while taking men at their word.

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Woman obscured by the US flag she is holding

A Women Veterans Day

She goes to the club for a service meeting…
and is approached by the district president of the auxiliary,
Because in a Veteran Service Organization, if you’re a woman you must be a spouse
She goes to the VA to check in for an appointment…
and the person at the desk never looks up, as they say “How can I help you, Sir?”
Because if you’re there for treatment, you must be a man

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closeup of a young woman posing for a group photo during Navy bootcamp

This Navy Veteran Drove a Billion Dollar War Ship When She Was 18

To join the Army and fire a gun would have been surprising enough, but when people learn that Fowler is a Navy Veteran and once drove a ship, eyes grow big and mouths hang open. “I can’t see you doing that!” is a common response. She is proud but casual about her service and responds with a smile and a shrug. It was just what she did, and she doesn’t regret it for a moment.

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