Women Veteran Challenges

Challenges commonly faced by women Veterans.

Woman obscured by the US flag she is holding

A Women Veterans Day

She goes to the club for a service meeting…
and is approached by the district president of the auxiliary,
Because in a Veteran Service Organization, if you’re a woman you must be a spouse
She goes to the VA to check in for an appointment…
and the person at the desk never looks up, as they say “How can I help you, Sir?”
Because if you’re there for treatment, you must be a man

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Women Veterans Day

Welcome to Lady Vet

Lady Vet is a community for women who served and the people who love and support them. So let’s have a conversation. Let’s grow the collective voice and visibility of the women Veterans. And most importantly, if women are to be an ever greater presence in the military and beyond, let’s make that reality more welcoming.

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