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Lady Vet Embroidered Patch

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Lady Vet Embroidered Patch – our patch makes a great addition to your jacket, riding vest, back pack or ball cap. Whether your speed is wind therapy on the open road, fresh air on a mountain trail, or errands on your off day, our custom patch is made to last and ready for all of your adventures.

Show pride in your service and wear it as a subtle, friendly reminder that not all Veterans are men.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 4”W x 1.75”H
  • Poly-blend twill with merrowed border
  • Sew-on for durability, no backing makes it flexible

Social: Do you have a great story or a pic to share of your Lady Vet embroidered patch? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram and show us how you represent!

LADY VET QUOTE:  “I’m not just a statistic female in the Navy. I did as much as my shipmates—all of my shipmates—if not more. I went in there and busted my ass and I showed pride every day for those that I was fighting for freedom for. It wasn’t a joke to me. It wasn’t just a job or a paycheck for me—it was something that I loved doing. I went in with my whole heart and I would do it again.”  -Emily Fowler, US Navy Veteran


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